The Redemption of Pisgah

Pisgah Chapel stands in a quaint Welsh Town of Loughor where she witnessed countless conversions and sincere repentance during the great 1904 Welsh Revival. She has been one of the focal points where the Great Revivalist Evan Roberts spent most of his time in intercession and prayer.

Nearly 110 years later, despite its derelict condition from the elements of nature, the powerful residual presence of God can still be felt in this chapel. In 2014, after coming to know that this revival site may soon face demolition and deeply moved by the account of Dan William’s encounter with God after he was prayed for by Evan Roberts, we knew we have to redeem Pisgah. Now with full restoration works completed in 2015, the chapel is recommissioned to light up prayer altars that will see reformation brought to this nation and beyond.

We believe that Pisgah Chapel will become the central focus of revival once again and a place where His glory will reside. Written on the walls of the chapel was a verse from the Book of Job, chapter 22 and verse 21 “Acquaint now thyself with Him and be at peace”. This is our prayer for all of you who step into this holy place.

Pastors Tuck Yoong & Daphne Yang
Pisgah Chapel