Evan Roberts

The story of Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival are intertwined and almost synonymous. Evan Roberts was a man marked by the Lord as His catalyst for the revival. Born in Loughor in 1878 and into a godly family, his parents raised him up in the fear and ways of the Lord. From a young age, Evan was deeply devoted to the Word and never left home without carrying his bible with Him. When he grew up and started working in the mines, at every spare moment available, he would be found seated on a piece of coal, absorbed in the Word of God.

Despite all that, Evan wasn’t satisfied with just working the mines, and when he was almost twenty, he considered taking up the call of God seriously and sought to further his education. One could surmise that Evan may have struggled with this decision. One night his breakthrough came as the Lord apprehended him at an evening service. The minister gave a call for those who wanted to be used by the Lord for His service, and Evan responded and went home seeking the Lord through the night. In the morning, he rose from his prayers, surrendered to God, with his decision firmly made to go to bible school.

Evan had also a deep life of intercession. He would be awoken by the Lord at 1 am and be in prayer for 4 hours till the break of dawn, as he sought the Lord’s face for revival to break out in Wales. It wasn’t long before God spoke to Evan about bearing the burden of the imminent revival in Wales in prayer. About a year into his study at the Ministers’ Training College at Newcastle Emlyn, Evan had a vision of what seemed to be an arm outstretched from the moon, reaching down into Wales. This vision thrust him into prayer and intercession and ultimately into the Welsh Revival.

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