25 January 2017 by EL

Rivers of Living Water

We worshipped and enthroned the name of Jesus before I shared about what was prayed in the morning and encouraged the intercessors to press in. Someone saw a picture of Heaven’s throne room and rivers of living water was flowing from it to bring healing and breaking forth from Pisgah to the nations. One of the intercessors prayed for life to be released and declared the finished work of Jesus on the cross. Because we have been redeemed, we have the authority to come boldly before Him and do His work, and are able to stand in the gap to war spiritually.

She prophesied that a new song would be resurrected again in Wales, for an awakening and a breaking of the hardness of hearts as the oil of heaven flows into the hearts of men to bring change to the church. We stood upon the promise that revival would come again to Wales and would go from here to the nations. We prayed for blind eyes to see, for scales from eyes to fall off and for men and women to return and to burn with passion for the Lord again just like their ancestors who loved God and sung to Him. Another lady prayed for a restoration of the joy of salvation and another prayed for the Lord to reach out to the broken and those in need of Him.

Following this, we prayed for the hungry and thirsty to come to the river of life and drink of their fill in Him, that they would not look towards other things to fill them but to come to Him. God continued to speak about the river and something new, and more words were shared:

1) A calling for a boldness to jump into His river;
2) God is building a fresh river that would be released and would do a work in us before flowing out to others;
3) God pouring out new wine.

We ended the meeting thanking the Lord for His presence and for a fresh desire to jump into the river in our own lives as well and to drink daily from Him. During the time of sharing, someone shared that while we were praying and worshipping, she felt that we were likened to Esther in the Bible, who came before the King on behalf of a nation. She felt that God was reminding us to stand in our position, confident in who we are, in the royal robes that He has clothed us in to ask for the salvation of this land as the Lord Himself is extending His scepter to us. We will continue to stand in the gap for this nation! Amen.

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