26 April 2017 by YF

Living Stones

We prayed for the restoration and strengthening of hearts so that His people will not be fearful and they would regain confidence in God. We declared,

Isaiah 35:6-7,
“that waters will burst forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert,
the parched ground shall become a pool and thirsty land springs of water”.

Prayers of thankfulness to God were raised as we continued to pray for the land of Wales. The words “life” and “river” were repeated many times in this prayer meeting and we also prayed for hearts to be aligned to the will of God.

Someone received a picture of a river with stones lining the sides. As she moved the stones, the course of the river changed. Her interpretation was that as the Lord moves, His river is going to burst forth and the people who are called living stones will be positioned in alignment to His word.

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