5 July 2017 by YF

God of Breakthroughs

After worship, we went into a time of prophetic singing, declaring over the barrenness of the land like in Isaiah 54:1-2. People were releasing words, visions and prayers which they received as the meeting progressed. God then revealed to us through 2 Samuel 5:20 that He is the God of breakthrough for His people. We continued to release and pray that we would collectively arise and shine, that His people and Church would be awakened, that their eyes would be opened and veil removed, for a mighty breakthrough and acceleration of His kingdom here on Earth.

Here are some words that were shared after the meeting:

  1. “I saw the ground being a little wet, then it cracked open, the waters started to break out and daffodils were springing forth.” Daffodils meant rebirth and new beginnings, and significantly, it is also the national flower of Wales!
  2. “Every type of seed requires different conditions to grow. And as we pray and plant, God will do something new. It will not be the same as before.”
  3. “I saw a lot of yellow flowers too.”
  4. “I saw a dam breaking out and all of us were positioned right by the walls of the dam. We have a responsibility to call in and out His blessings and presence.”
  5. “I felt that something changed in the atmosphere. There was a tangible sense of the presence of God and unity as we prayed together.”

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