25 January 2017 by EL

Like A Breakthrough of Water

After a time of worship, lifting up praises to the King of Kings, Psalm 147 was read and we began a time of prayer, asking the Lord to bring breakthrough to the spiritual atmosphere and for hearts to long for Him. One of our visitors started to declare the rule and reign of the Lord over Wales and prayed for living waters to spring forth like rivers and bring healing to the land.

Following this we went into an extended time of spontaneous singing over the land for the rivers to overflow and bring life and breakthroughs. Isaiah 55 was released, with a prayer for His people to be filled by Him, and to find satisfaction in Him with a zeal and hunger for fresh bread. Following this, one of the intercessors released a word, that as praises are lifted to the Lord, the Spirit is going to move and break out in this land and she declared “let the songs come forth and sing over the streams,  wells, chapels and the entire city till something breaks.” We lifted the name of the Lord up in song and declared His reign, and for all false idols to be broken down before King Jesus.

The meeting ended with us enthroning the Lord and asking Him to be the centre, taking the rightful place He deserves! Both YF and myself felt that there has been a breakthrough where the morning meetings are concerned. We sensed that we are at the brink of something at Pisgah and so we will continue to press in to another level! Before the group dispersed, our visitors from Malaysia sang a worship song in Malay, exalting the Lord and praying for a blessing to be released over the United Kingdom.

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