25 September 2017 by YF

Divine Connections

Prayed for the salvation of souls. Soften their hearts to receive You Open their eyes to see You – Isaiah 6:5 Called upon the Lord for the souls and prodigals which are coming into the kingdom Prayed for the labourers in the fields. Ask the Holy Spirit to ripen the harvest Lead and guide us […]

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6 September 2017 by EL

United In Prayer

In continuation with our Monday meeting, we prayed for the Day of Prayer for Britain. We asked that the Lord would stir up hunger and thirst in the hearts of the British, that they themselves would cry out for a new move of the Spirit. We prayed Matthew 5:6 over the meeting, “Blessed are those […]

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4 September 2017 by EL

Day Of Prayer For Britain

We prayed for the Day of Prayer for Britain which was to take place on Friday of that week. These are the items covered in prayer: firstly, that the Lord would lay upon the hearts of believers all across the nation to stand together in unity. Next, we prayed that the Day of Prayer would […]

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14 August 2017 by YF

Prayer Of Blessing

We read out a prayer of blessing for the U.K. and prayed for the unity of the government and the people of this nation. We also prayed that as the Lord places His hand over His people, He will give them unity of mind like in 2 Chronicles 30:12, “Also the hand of God was […]

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21 June 2017 by YF

Rise Up, Glorious Bride!

Tonight, as we came together in prayer for the churches and communities, we continued to pray for the Spirit of God to fill His churches and declared from the scriptures the very intended creation of the Church. We read from Ephesians 5 which talks about the union of Christ and the Church, and called her […]

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