21 June 2017 by YF

Holy Spirit Come!

As we continued to pray for the churches and communities, there was a declaration for the Spirit of God to come, move and stir in our hearts today. We cried out for an awakening in the church and that His glorious Bride would rise up for such a time as this. We agreed that all […]

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5 April 2017 by YF

Awakening Of The Nations

We prayed for an awakening in Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland – that the Lord would reunite these nations. We also prayed for believers to stand tall and strong for God. We continued to speak life into Wales as we believe that God will do something in Wales again and the nations will be […]

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29 March 2017 by YF

God Loves America

Tonight’s prayer focus was on America. We prayed for the churches – that God would stir their hunger and thirst and bring forth another great awakening, so that their hearts will be open and broken before God in repentance. We asked that God open the eyes of the people that they may come into alignment with […]

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27 March 2017 by YF

Restoration Of The Church

As we were praying for churches to be awakened, and that Christians would be passionate about the things of God, we felt that the church in Wales was broken, hurt and targeted by the enemy. An urgency arose in our hearts to pray for the healing and restoration of the church so that the bride […]

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13 March 2017 by YF

A Greater Awakening

Psalms 2:8, “Ask of Me, and I will give You The nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession.” We prayed for the awakening and revival of this land – that ears will be opened to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking and revealing Jesus to them. We […]

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