30 October 2017 by EL

Highway of Holiness

We prayed over the prophetic word released by the intercessors during a time of prayer in BCW – that two winds were coming again to the church. The wind of holiness unto the Lord and the wind of His kingdom come. The first wind will blow away everything that is not of His and cause […]

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11 October 2017 by YF

Build This Nation

As we continued to pray for the government, we prayed that the Lord would use Theresa May for His purpose, that His power will be displayed and His name will be established in this land. We prayed that Theresa May would come to know God in a deeper way – to understand His heart and […]

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9 October 2017 by YF

Establish Your Plans & Purposes

We prayed for our Prime Minister, Theresa May for strength to carry her through as she leads the Brexit discussions with wisdom and discernment. We asked for the fear of the Lord to guide her in the right direction and for wise and godly counsel to surround her so that His plans and purposes for […]

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27 September 2017 by YF

God Of Miracles

I felt faith rising in our hearts to believe for God to do miracles in this land again. Jeremiah 10:9 says, “There is no one like our Lord. For He is great and His name is full of power.” We continued to stand in prayer for the salvation of souls and His labourers in the […]

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25 September 2017 by YF

Divine Connections

Prayed for the salvation of souls. Soften their hearts to receive You Open their eyes to see You – Isaiah 6:5 Called upon the Lord for the souls and prodigals which are coming into the kingdom Prayed for the labourers in the fields. Ask the Holy Spirit to ripen the harvest Lead and guide us […]

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