15 February 2017 by EL

The Next Generation

Prayers were lifted to the Lord for the restoration of broken marriages and for Him to remove lukewarmness in Wales. YF encouraged the group to pray for the church and for the next generation to be the army that will arise in victory. One person prayed that the youths would discover their purpose in life that is found only in Christ and for churches to awake from their slumber. Another person prayed for the Lord to seek out the young and to reveal Himself to them so they would taste and know His love. She also prayed for churches to reach out and disciple the young so they would not be taken away by the enemy or be enticed by the world.

After this, we spent some time waiting upon the Lord: someone saw a vision of chains and released the word that the Lord was calling us to break free from our bondage. YF also sensed that the Lord wanted to fill each of us so that we would leave Pisgah Chapel with the fragrance of Jesus. We broke up into smaller groups to pray for one another’s needs so that we may be refreshed.

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