20 March 2017 by EL

A Love For Righteousness

Before the meeting began, I released the word from Psalm 15, which speaks about the one who walks uprightly. We prayed for the leaders and government of the United Kingdom:

1) For a love for righteousness and the fear of The Lord, to honour those who fears His name;
2) For the right placement and positioning of leadership;
3) Establishment of God’s kingdom purposes.

We covered the elections in prayer and we stood as one to cry that You position and reposition, bring together and put away. We released this Word over the Welsh assembly and everything represented and asked that the purposes of God for this government be established today. We cried out that the Holy Spirit would expose all wrong and put things right. We believe that the great judge of all judges will do something for this nation, that things bound would be loosed for You will position Your righteous ones. It is not just about the government or politics, but the state of the church. Today we cried out for the church – that You would gather Your people in this hour of darkness and that we would stand in one voice. We prayed that the Repairer of the breaches will come soon, that denominations and forgiveness would be released within the body of Christ. Amen!

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