29 March 2017 by YF

God Loves America

Tonight’s prayer focus was on America. We prayed for the churches – that God would stir their hunger and thirst and bring forth another great awakening, so that their hearts will be open and broken before God in repentance. We asked that God open the eyes of the people that they may come into alignment with what He desires to accomplish and do in their nation. We also prayed that the youths in America would intercede like Esther and Daniel, that they would be come up to a new level of faith in trusting God. We prayed and asked for God to show mercy to America as she inclines her ears and returns back to the Lord. We also prayed that the Americans would remember their past when their forefathers walked closely with Him.

We prayed for courage to be instilled into the churches in America and the unity within the different churches in America. Oh, that God would put the right people in the Supreme Court, that the panel of judges and people in authority will stand in courage in this season of change to bring forth His love and judgement in this nation. Lastly, we declared over the nation of America,

Psalms 24:8,
“Who is this King of glory?
The Lord strong and mighty,
The Lord mighty in battle.”

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