3 May 2017 by YF

Like The Glory On The Face Of Moses

Many witnessed the Lord opening their hearts in preparation and rallying them in the chapel. One person stood up to pray for unity. He prayed for the churches that have sown seeds in the past for many years, for revival in this land, for those who have been preaching and teaching faithfully and gone to the streets to make Your Name known.

As we approach His coming, He will gather His flocks together, and we rebuked all disunity among churches and acknowledged that Christ is the head. He is the One who determines growth and all the fruits are in His hands. We prayed for the overflow of His Spirit in this land as we positioned ourselves before the Lord in humility. We asked for God’s character to clothe us just like when Moses came down from the mountain, he had a glowing countenance. We prayed, “Burn us, God, so that Your glory might come down.”

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