19 July 2017 by YF

Burn In Us A Fire

This meeting, we cried out for the fear of the Lord to strike the hearts of His people and for His fire to burn within. We prayed for a hunger to arise in the Church for more of Him and His power. We believe that there will be a hunger and thirst for His righteousness in the last days. As we humble ourselves and seek His face, He will fill us with more of Him, and that was what we prayed for. We know that striving with works will not get us to the Father but only if we trust and lean on the Spirit.

I had a vision where I felt a strong and intense heat and fire emanating from the Church, which is what God has purposed for the Church – that we would be a people carrying the fire and passion of and for God, but somehow, the Church was cold and icy in my vision. So we prayed for His fire to be restored in the Church and that the fear of the Lord would return to the hearts of the people, that their hearts would draw near to God rather than be consumed by the commandments of men.

Later on, someone shared that that the walls of the Church have been broken down, and this breach allows the enemy to enter in swiftly to destroy what God wants to do. We prayed for a hedge of protection and wall of fire to be around His Church so that His purposes for the end days would prevail!

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