1 February 2017 by EL

Arise & Shine

After a time of worship, we began to pray for righteousness to be established in the land. We asked the Holy Spirit to fall and bring conviction all over the land of Wales. Prayers were also lifted up against spiritual deception and delusion, and for the Lord to make us pure vessels that are completely yielded to Him. YF shared that she sensed the Lord wanting to fill people with the Holy Spirit as there are many who have lost interest in Him. Thus she prayed for the love of the Holy Spirit to be restored and for Him to come and breathe upon and fill us.

Following this, someone else began to pray for the Holy Spirit to be given room to move again and that we may be dependant upon the Holy Spirit. After she prayed for people to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit again, we spontaneously broke forth into singing – we cried for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and asked Him to come like a mighty river to wash through the nation. Psalm 93 was released concerning the eternal reign of the Lord, and another person prayed for the Lord’s throne to be established so people would turn from their sinful ways so they would be a righteous people, who would know how to display His glory and magnify His name.

We also thanked the Lord that He has taken our filthy garments and clothed us with the garments of righteousness. There was a beautiful sense of the Lord’s presence as we worshipped the Lord with hearts of thanksgiving. Before the meeting closed, one lady shared a vision she had of fishes swimming into a whirlpool. Her interpretation was that the Lord was inviting His people to come and drink of pure living water, and as we drink, we will be ready and led to move in other directions. Another lady also released a word of encouragement from Isaiah 28:5-6 concerning gates, adding that as we come before the Lord in prayer for Wales, we are standing at the gate where there are constant onslaughts from the enemy. As we are pushing the gate of hell backwards in the spiritual realm, we must remember God is the One who is giving us strength to do so. She also shared Isaiah 60:1-3 with the group and we were led to declare it corporately over Wales, for the nation to “arise and shine”, from sorcery, divination, religiousness, bondages that have chained her down, and from spiritual slumber, for the light of Jesus has come. Amen!

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