1 March 2017 by EL

Wales, A Light to The Nations

We prayed for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and for forgiveness for not giving Him room to move. One person prayed for the church to stand united again, not divided by denominational differences and to desire for the Holy Spirit to move again. She also thanked the Lord for the gift of the Holy Spirit and prayed for us to walk in the spirit and for greater intimacy with Him.

Following this, we worshipped together and sang in the spirit before another person released the word from Psalm 33:11 and prayed that the plans of the Lord’s heart for Wales would stand, that He would redeem Wales and show His unfailing love to her. She also prayed for the people in Wales to be aligned with the purposes and plans of the Lord so that the generations to come would be blessed. She declared that Wales would be redeemed and would reflect His light to the nations. We sang for the Lord to establish His plans and have His way in Wales. Before we closed, YF also prayed that the Lord would abide in us and that He would also have His way in our individual lives. Amen!

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