8 March 2017 by EL

Lifting Up Prayers For The Nations

Our prayer agenda for this evening was to lift the nation of America and the nation of Egypt into the Lord’s hands.

The Lord placed Psalm 33: 10-12 upon my heart and we prayed that over the nation of America, that His counsel would stand forever and His plans would be established during this time so that there will  be a shift and change in the atmosphere, even as darkness seems to loom. One person prayed for America to have a repentant heart that acknowledges her sins before the Lord and shared a vision of the Lord putting an empire on a mountain top, which is where the presence of God dwells and the flood of great waters would not come near her and that she would be preserved like in Psalm 32. We prayed and released Joel 2:12-14, that the Lord will bless the government, to minister to the president, and put a hedge of protection over the leadership. Another person prayed for righteous watchmen to be raised up in the land of America and that intercessors would pray for revival in America, who has blessed many nations greatly. One lady also prayed for the schools in America and protection over the children. We wrapped up this segment of the meeting by praying for mercy and forgiveness over the land for taking down the “old paths where the good way is”, as in Jeremiah 6:16. We prayed for the Lord to pour forth His Spirit in the nation of America and for His light to shine over the land once again as people unite in prayer.

We moved on to pray for the persecuted church in Egypt and spoke Isaiah 61:1-3 over those persecuted. We prayed for comfort and strength during this time of darkness and for His light to shine and for people to come to know the Lord and an outpouring of His spirit. We also prayed for the joy of their salvation to be restored to them and for God’s love to so fill them that it would drive out fear. (1 John 4:18) Like Paul who sang to the Lord even in chains, we asked for songs to arise even in darkness that the Lord would receive the glory. Prayer was also lifted up for the persecutors, for God to meet them and to reveal His love to them. As we exalted the name of the Lord in song, His tangible presence was evident. We declare He reigns over all nations!

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