19 April 2017 by YF

Standing In The Gap

We prayed for a rekindling and restoring of the first love to the U.K. churches. We asked the Lord for a breakthrough in this land – that He would stir the hearts of His people again. We prayed that the revival of prayer and intercession would come over this nation again and people would stand shoulder to shoulder praising our Father. We asked that the Lord would remove every dividing wall present in the churches and repented for not placing Him first in our lives. We prayed for an awakening – that as God removed the walls, He would reveal His glory through His churches.

At the end of meeting, a lady shared a vision which she saw at the beginning as we were praying and worshiping – she saw ashes on the head of a person and as this person lifted her head, the ashes fell off. God said that His beauty is starting to come from the ashes, which signify the trials people have been going through, like in Isaiah 61:3. This process is similar to how oysters make pearls – sand irritates the oyster but it also helps the oyster produce a beautiful pearl. She interpreted this vision and said God was telling us that even though situations may be challenging, we will come out even more beautiful than ever before.

A gentleman shared on how he felt that the time would come when this nation would be chosen to stand between the living and dead, just like how Queen Esther stood in the gap for the fate of the Jews in her time.

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