19 April 2017 by EL

To The Drumbeat of Heaven

We began to pray for the churches in Wales to know the Lord as their Shepherd who keeps them secure and lays down His life for the church. I released a word from Colossians 1:16-18, which speaks about all things being created from God and for Him alone. I felt that the Lord was saying that He is coming back for His Bride who will love Him wholeheartedly, a Bride who is yearning and prepared for His return. We prayed for the churches in Wales to recognise her identity as the Bride of Christ and for her to fall in love with her Bridegroom all over again because He is the only reason she exists for. We prayed for churches to be filled with passion for God again and for a renewal of hope in the most high God.

A vision was released of a sleeping giant tied up in ropes, pinned down by little nails – each representing strongholds: pride, offence, fear, hurt, unforgiveness, self-righteousness, religious spirits, and we then began to pray for wholeness in the body of Christ and for a breaking of these strongholds. We also prayed for unity among the brethren and for a oneness in spirit which will allow the church to march as one to a common drumbeat, the drumbeat of heaven, in accordance with the Lord’s purpose.

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