7 June 2017 by YF

Promises Over United Kingdom

At the start of our meeting, the Holy Spirit was evidently present and began to stir our hearts to pray in tongues. Tonight’s agenda was prayer for GE 2017. With this group of intercessors, we prayed for His protection over Theresa May and her party. We also prayed for God’s will to be done in this nation and declared His promises over this land.

Someone who attended the meeting confirmed the picture I had earlier on this afternoon, although he was not there. He had a vision of a dove descending upon the United Kingdom. At the end of our meeting, we opened up a time for sharing and a newcomer to the prayer meeting said that she felt that God’s promises will not be emptied and He will fulfill His promise. The results of the election will be what God has willed, and everything is as how He meant it to be and the Holy Spirit will be poured out in this nation. Another man shared from Psalms 68:11-12, and said that God has placed His words in Theresa May and prayed that she will have the boldness and courage to speak out.

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