19 June 2017 by YF

He Will Build His Church

This week at Pisgah, we prayed for the churches and communities in Wales. Jesus said to Peter that He will build His church through him and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against this. Everything we do should be because of His call, and not because of our own efforts or our own works. With that in mind, we prayed for God to be the chief cornerstone in every church in Wales and His Spirit to come afresh upon every church. We prayed for unity among those He has brought together to do ministry work in church.

I saw a picture of a big tree – God being the bark and roots, the different churches as the branches. The Scripture from John 15:5 came to me, “He is the vine and we are the branches. If we remain in Him, we will bear much fruit, apart from Him we can do nothing”.

We prayed for the presence of God to return to the churches in Wales and that they would not forsake the Lord and be distracted by other events or activities that may be seemingly good but not beneficial for the work of the kingdom.

Another lady saw two words, “coal” and “gold”. As she pondered on these two words, she discovered that one is able to find gold in a piece of coal. She thanked the Lord for using people like Evan Roberts who came from a humble background and asked the Lord to raise more of these people up to do His work. It is important that we do not despise small beginnings because God can do the impossible and find gold where people may just see a piece of dirt or worthless rock.

At the end of the meeting, a gentleman shared his thoughts with us – “I felt the Lord was doing a heart surgery. He was removing the unwanted things in the hearts of the people.” After he said that, something stirred in my Spirit to believe that in the next few weeks, we would hear of the changes in the different churches and communities.

Praise God for a good meeting at Pisgah today!

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