25 September 2017 by YF

Divine Connections

Prayed for the salvation of souls.

  • Soften their hearts to receive You
  • Open their eyes to see You – Isaiah 6:5
  • Called upon the Lord for the souls and prodigals which are coming into the kingdom

Prayed for the labourers in the fields.

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to ripen the harvest
  • Lead and guide us so we will not be toiling in vain
  • Release Your Church into the harvest and help them find the ripen ones
  • Holy Spirit rise up within them and let the songs arise
  • Prayed for pure hearts and feet which will walk in Your ways
  • Prayed for empowerment, strength and the anointing of God upon their lives
  • They will do works in the name of the Father and in the Holy Spirit – Zechariah 4:6

Prayed for this land.

  • We stand and cry “Restore!” – Isaiah 42:22. Restoration in the Church and in this land
  • Prayed for God to move in this land again
  • Revelation of His glory

Prayed for the next generation.

  • I believe God is raising up true worshippers in this hour. And He will send them out to the ends of the earth. They will release His presence everywhere they go because they abide in Him – John 4:23-24, John 15
  • The offspring will restore the former glory
  • Preservation and protection of the seeds that were sown in their lives.
  • A generation holy, set apart and consecrated to the will and purposes of God
  • Raise up the Davids and Daniels. Raise up people after Your own heart and cause us to be like Samuel, who will bring in the true priesthood


A man in our meeting saw a well-defined path leading to Pisgah. The routes started from different directions and venues but all ended up in connection with Pisgah. He felt that God will bring like-minded people to Pisgah, and the beauty of the Lord will be seen as we lift our voices in unity and the Father will hear us.

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