27 September 2017 by YF

God Of Miracles

I felt faith rising in our hearts to believe for God to do miracles in this land again. Jeremiah 10:9 says,

“There is no one like our Lord.
For He is great and His name is full of power.”

We continued to stand in prayer for the salvation of souls and His labourers in the fields.

A lady prayed for the power of the Gospel to return to the Church and for God to release His transforming power to His people as He revives our hearts. She also brought the word of restoration and declared that God would bring restoration to the Church as His Word enlightens us. Another lady prayed that the Gospel will be the truth and light in the hearts of the unbelievers.

Later on, we prayed for the boldness and willingness to speak out as the Holy Spirit leads – that we would have the constant infilling of His Holy Spirit in our lives. We also prayed Isaiah 52:7 and thanked the Lord for those whom He has positioned in the harvest fields – we declared Habakkuk 3:19 over His workers and prayed for strength and courage. In closing, we prayed for one another.

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