11 October 2017 by YF

Your Warrior Bride Shall Take Her Place

We prayed for the re-alignment of the U.K to His thoughts and plans – for His kingdom to come and His will to be done. We recognized that the leadership is placed by God for His plans and purposes. We asked that He would continue to guide those in authority as they continue to make decisions, and that His favour would be upon them.

We declared that Theresa May would be steadfast and submit to His Lordship in this nation. One gentleman felt that the enemy has no place in the government and prayed that God would silence all their adversaries in the name of Jesus. We prayed that there will be no compromise during the Brexit discussions, and spoke against all confusion sent by the enemy. God would give clarity and alignment to the team leading the discussions, and strengthen them against the tactics of the enemy – that they will see His goodness in this land of the living and be exhorted! One lady called forth heaven’s agenda to be fulfilled in this hour even in all that is happening to the U.K and prayed for boldness and words to speak – wisdom from heaven and clarity in Theresa May’s speech.

The Lord then led us to pray for His army to rise up and be strong in this hour. We prayed that the eyes of His children will be open to understand that they do not war against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers of this world. We prayed that all Christians would be ready in the time of battle and put on the armour of God. Someone shared that as we put on the armour of God, we are carrying His nature – because He is truth, and righteousness. Another lady said that we are His warrior bride. A gentleman then prayed that this army would not be fearful but courageous and bold, willing to stand for holiness and purity. We stood in agreement to believe that God would raise an army who will say no to compromise and status quo but say yes to God and will stand on His Word. He followed through and prayed for the other nations as well.

As we stood in prayer with those from around the world, I saw in a vision that God had connected us to them. And at that moment, it did not feel like it was just 6 people praying in the room but thousands of people gathered and praying for His army to rise up and be ready to take her place in battle. We are truly in a battle that is not won by fists or words but by the Spirit of God in prayer upon our hearts.

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