7 June 2017 by YF

Like A City On A Hill

Again, we prayed for protection over Theresa May and her party, that everyone would come into alignment with the plans and purposes of God over this nation. God showed me a picture of the United Kingdom being like a city on a hill – and this light cannot be hidden. Bright light was radiating out […]

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5 June 2017 by YF

Prayer For The General Election

Leading up to the General Election happening on the 8th of June, we have decided to focus on praying for the people and leadership of this nation. We prayed that there will be a unity among believers to stand together in love and humility as God aligns us to His will for this nation. We […]

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19 April 2017 by YF

Standing In The Gap

We prayed for a rekindling and restoring of the first love to the U.K. churches. We asked the Lord for a breakthrough in this land – that He would stir the hearts of His people again. We prayed that the revival of prayer and intercession would come over this nation again and people would stand […]

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10 April 2017 by YF

Wisdom For Governance

We prayed and blessed the UK government – that the Lord would give wisdom to those who are in governance and leadership over this land. We also cried out for God to raise God-fearing men and women and position them in places of authority and influence. We prayed that God will raise a team to stand […]

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5 April 2017 by YF

Awakening Of The Nations

We prayed for an awakening in Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland – that the Lord would reunite these nations. We also prayed for believers to stand tall and strong for God. We continued to speak life into Wales as we believe that God will do something in Wales again and the nations will be […]

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