16 August 2017 by EL

Stand With Israel

We prayed for the U.K to stand with Israel and spoke blessings over the government. Additionally, we also prayed for the peace of Jerusalem as there has been much tension in the land. We prayed for peace within her walls  – that God would arise and His enemies would be scattered; and that His peace […]

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14 August 2017 by YF

Prayer Of Blessing

We read out a prayer of blessing for the U.K. and prayed for the unity of the government and the people of this nation. We also prayed that as the Lord places His hand over His people, He will give them unity of mind like in 2 Chronicles 30:12, “Also the hand of God was […]

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9 August 2017 by EL

The 9th Of August

As it is National Day in Singapore, we prayed for Singapore and thanked the Lord for joining Singapore with the United Kingdom – both in the past when Singapore was a British colony and now that the Lord has joined the two nations through the redemption of the Bible College of Wales and Pisgah Chapel. […]

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21 June 2017 by YF

Rise Up, Glorious Bride!

Tonight, as we came together in prayer for the churches and communities, we continued to pray for the Spirit of God to fill His churches and declared from the scriptures the very intended creation of the Church. We read from Ephesians 5 which talks about the union of Christ and the Church, and called her […]

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7 June 2017 by YF

Promises Over United Kingdom

At the start of our meeting, the Holy Spirit was evidently present and began to stir our hearts to pray in tongues. Tonight’s agenda was prayer for GE 2017. With this group of intercessors, we prayed for His protection over Theresa May and her party. We also prayed for God’s will to be done in […]

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